At Sylvenus Kennels we know your pet is important to you and the selection of a temporary home is not taken lightly.  We know we cannot replace you, but we are always here when you need us and we can provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere to alleviate any anxiety your pet may have.

Where are your kennels in Perth?
Click here for our full contact details, including a map to our location.

My pet has never boarded before?
All dogs are different and depending on your pet's age and temperament it usually takes only a few hours to adjust

Can I bring my dogs own bed?
Generally no. We do provide a trampoline style bed or a plastic pet basket with either vet bedding or blankets which are washed and disinfected daily. However if you feel your pet would be more comfortable with something from home, please feel free to bring it with you

Do I need to bring my own food?
In most cases, no. We are able to provide a number of premium products including Proplan and Tuckertime. However if your pet requires a special diet please speak to us when you enquire about boarding.

Are you able to administer medication?
Yes. Any medication must be provided by the client in a secure container and correctly labeled.

My pet has a long coat and requires brushing daily?
Long coated breeds need regular attention and we will provide this service at no extra cost

Can I visit the kennels before boarding?
Yes. Please feel free to make an appointment to view our facilities and ask any question you may have about your pet whilst they are at Sylvenus Kennels.

For your information
Pets can contract an upper respiratory virus whilst walking, playing in the park, or even at the vets. There is no way of knowing if an incoming pet has been exposed to an affected animal or the airborne virus Bortatella and Para influenza (we require all pets to be vaccinated with the c5 vaccine). Although all pets must be vaccinated yearly this is still no guarantee that your pet will not contract a strain of these viruses.

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